Get to Know California’s Best Private Getaway

Westlake Village Inn is a luxury hotel found in California that unites the service and luxuries of a first-class hotel with the warmth of a lavish European old-world manor. It’s also a great venue for weddings, banquets, and business functions, with its expansive indoors and outdoors event spaces with spectacular views.

Get your ease from the haste of our modern world inside its 17 acres of magnificently landscaped grounds, with its own waterfalls, streams, and private lakes. Westlake Village Inn is just halfway between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara through the historic Route 101 thus makes it easier to access. It’s only a few miles away from the best high-end shopping centers and the cool Malibu coastlines.

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Westlake Village isn’t named that just for show. With 144 guest suites, its numerous event locations and meetings halls, and its scenery such as lake and vineyard views, you will have a full vacation experience that’s both intimate and full of elegance. This relaxing place has its own pool, tennis club, fitness center, business center, spa, and its own nightlife with its world-class restaurants and bars.

Westlake Village’s top priority is its excellent services to their customers, and certainly you will be able to experience what it feels to be accommodated at every level.

Great Packages for Your Luxurious Getaway
Experience the best accommodations through Westlake Village Inn’s packages.

• Honeymooners Package: grab the opportunity to experience their wonderful sceneries and event planning expertise so that your mind will be at peace of all problems for your wedding or honeymoon. With their private mini-suite, with your own Jacuzzi and fireplace, you can relax throughout the day.
• Malibu Wine Tour: a spectacular sightseeing and tasting guided tour of some of the finest vineyards in California, with an indulgent overnight stay.
• Air Force One Package: this package is dedicated to the life and legacy of one of the most influential and inspiring Americans, and it includes overnight accommodations in an executive suite, and two passes to the Ronald Regan Library, home of Air Force 1. Once you arrive, you are also given with a jar of Reagan’s favorite candy, Jelly Belies, and a copy of Reagan’s Diaries.
• The ReNEW You Package: Relax and replenish your skin and body in Westlake’s village’s cleansing atmosphere. Surely, you will be rejuvenated with their spa and their two therapeutic massages and turn-down services with chocolates. Later on, you can stay in their comfortable mini-suite with your personal choice of Westlake’s private label of bottle to entirely relax in tranquility overnight.

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